Closed captioning services

Sous-titrage code Canada inc.

Sous-titrage code Canada inc. (STC Canada) was created by Karine Déry as a response to the increasing demand for closed captioning services following new legislation put into place by the CRTC in the month of july 2009.


Karine Dery, president

Having obtained a Bachelor's degree in french studies from the University of Montréal and an MBA from HEC Montréal, Karine Dery dedicated nearly ten years managing the internal closed captioning department of TVA Group, which holds over 30% market share with its long list of specialized channels. She also participated as a project manager in colaboration with the CRIM (Centre de recherche informatique de Montréal) and the RQST, to develop a vocal recognition software for live, real-time closed captioning. (STDirect).

She is also a member of the french workgroup put into place by the ACR (Association canadienne des radiodiffuseurs), mandated by the CRTC in 2008 to establish universal rules and regulations and implant mesures to better the quality of closed captioning in Canada.